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    im hoping this will be my results in two months!!
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My personal curvespo page, I hope others enjoy it as well <3</br>

Stats: Age: 25 Height: 5'3" HW: 245 CW: 179 UGW: 150 Divorcee' Proud United States Air Force Veteran Mama of one little guy Love my City Houston Texas
Inspiration: being comfortable in shorts, my favorite green tank being loose again.
**disclaimer** I have NO clue how to use tumblr, so if I don't give credit where credit is do, let me know and I'll remove the picture.
I find ALL of the pictures on pintrest,weheartit and other blogs. I also rarely follow back, I just get on here, post pictures, look at pictures and get off computer. ALSO, I am NOT a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, or fitness guru. I am NOT responsible for whatever you chose to do with your body. I have expereinces with phentermine/adipex, if you questions, just ask :)